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Report Racism 2


Across the United States there has been a spike racial harassment and violence (hate-crimes) related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) have been targeted by those who would scapegoat them for spreading the virus. Most civic leaders have spoken out against such blatant racism, but others have stirred xenophobic sentiments among the public by insisting on using terms such as “Chinese virus.”  According to latest reports, there has been a XXX% increase in reported anti-Asian harassment and violence between DATES. In Austin/Travis county there have been several reports of harassment and shunning of APIAs in public places such as grocery stores. On Date .. The Austin Buddhist temple, whose members are mostly Vietnamese and Chinese Americans, was vandalized. It’s important to note that these incidents occurred during the period of sheltering-in, when most businesses were closed and most Austin-area residents were  at home. Now, as the economy slowly re-opens, and as sheltering-in ends, it is reasonable to  anticipate an increase in the number of such incidences.

In order to report and track cases of racial harassment and violence, a coalition of Austin/Travis-county organizations has developed the following survey.

This survey aligns with a national one used to track cases across the country. Please share this survey widely. The coalition will follow-up on all reported incidences, and it will seek to provide support to those who need it.

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